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Happy Thanksgiving! from Lance & Ringo

Episode Two

"Tail Nine: Thank You, Brother"

Narrated by the Author

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Episode One

"Tail Eight: When Humans Go Too Far"

Narrated by the Author

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Contest Winner

Awed by an extraordinary patriot spy, sixteen-year-old Sybil Ludington longs for a chance to prove her worth to the cause of American Independence. When the British attack the city of Danbury, she volunteers for a dangerous mission, one she may not survive.

Featured in The Prometheus Saga 2 anthology

Latest Publications

Space Stations, Moon Colonies, A Space Bridge, & A Lone Survivor

by Bria Burton

Fullcast episode on the Journey Into podcast: voice actors, sound effects, & music

Valla Hale is trapped aboard Earth S-1 Station where an unexplained mass casualty event has left her devastated and alone. But everything is on lock-down and she's running out of time to escape.

Winner of the Journey Into Writing Contest

"The Bloodiest Sword is King"

A stranger approaches the gate to the Catastrapha's kingdom, and Xildar must decide whether he is a friend or foe.

The dark fantasy flash fiction story appeared in Havok 5/24/19 in their Fantasy Friday slot. Beyond the day of publication, the story is available for subscribers.

Visit my blog, Writing For the Love, where you can post your thoughts and comments on the story on THIS BLOG POST.

I'd love to know what you think!

Author Interviews

Joy on Paper with host Patzi Gil


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Bria Burton, Charles A. Cornell, and Ken Pelham 2.4.16

Bria Burton's First Solo Radio Interview 6.14.16

Bria Burton, John Hope, and Charles A. Cornell 8.8.17

Bria Burton, Cate Bronson, and Glenn L. Erickon 10.16.18

Bria Burton, Cate Bronson, Deb VonCannon 11.14.19 -- LINK COMING SOON


Brass Rag Press blog with C.L. Roman

Click HERE to read Bria's interview

Voice Work

I occasionally do voice work for podcasts, including episodes of full cast productions with voice actors, sound effects, and music. Sometimes I voice characters in my own stories!

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Stories by Other Authors

Journey Into IFC by R.C. Anderson ~ I'm the voice of Kira

The Dragon Muse by David B. Coe ~ I'm the voice of both Kathy & Sue

Journey Into the Cosmic Lottery by Emily Asad ~ I'm the voice of Eva

Like a Good Neighbor (Part One and Part Two) by Rish Outfield ~ I'm the voice of all the female characters

Beggar's Canyon by Rish Outfield ~ I'm the voice of Aunt Beru

A Slight Delay by Rish Outfield ~ I'm the voice of the flight attendant & a passenger

Hope on the Rocks by A.W. Gifford ~ I'm the voice of Maggie

Wikihistory by Desmond Warzel ~ I'm the voice of SaucyAussie

Stories by Bria Burton

Journey Into the Dying Light of Stars by Bria Burton ~ I'm the voice of Pepper

Ligeia by Bria Burton ~ Full cast production ~ I'm the voice of Mirka

A Dream Within A Dream by Bria Burton ~ I'm the narrator

Switching by Bria Burton ~ Full cast production (my story, but I don't voice any characters)

The Smallest Gift by Bria Burton ~ (story starts at 1 hr 28 mins) I'm the narrator

Audio Production on the Journey Into... Podcast

Narrated, Produced, and Written by Bria Burton

Listen to an Excerpt by Clicking the Play Symbol Below

Fiction, Live!

Presented by Wordier Than Thou

The Studio@620

Actors read/performed selected stories

A short clilp from Broadway and Hallmark Actress Jan Neuberger

reading "Maribel's Day of Death" by Bria Burton

Click HERE to view on Youtube