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Author Appearance

Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading

Saturday, Nov. 17th from 10 AM - 4 PM

USF St. Pete Campus

140 7th Ave S, St. Pete, FL 33701

Visit me at the Florida Writers Association Booth

Latest Story Release

The Prometheus Saga Vol. 2

Featuring "Her Midnight Ride"

A Blend of History & Science Fiction

Eight award-winning and accomplished authors invite you to explore the depths of human experience alongside an ever-watching presence sent to Earth by an advanced alien intelligence. The Prometheus Probe lives among us, witnessing the progress of our civilization and the development of our weaknesses, follies, wisdom, and strengths.

It watches, morphing from one human form to another—a friend, a coworker, a lover, a comrade in arms. Its life spans tens of thousands of years. As history unfolds before its eyes, its alien creators analyze in real time. And sometimes advise.

The groundbreaking Volume One of The Prometheus Saga garnered critical praise and numerous literary awards. In Volume Two, the authors of the Alvarium Experiment invite you on eight new journeys through history that reveal the alien observer among us.

Her Midnight Ride

A #1 New Release on Amazon One-Hour Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Reads

Featured in The Prometheus Saga Vol. 2

Never heard of a female midnight rider during the American Revolution? Let me introduce you to sixteen-year-old Sybil Ludington.

Awed by an extraordinary patriot spy, Sybil longs for a chance to prove her worth to the cause of American Independence. When the British attack the city of Danbury, she volunteers for a dangerous mission, one she may not survive.

Check out the companion piece, "On Both Sides"

Upcoming Publication

"Journey Into the Dying Light of Stars"

Journey Into podcast. Date TBD.

Valla Hale is trapped aboard Earth S-1 Station where an unexplained mass casualty event has left her devastated and alone. But everything is on lock-down and she's running out of time to escape.

The sci-fi short story will appear as an episode on the Journey Into podcast in early 2019.

First Place in the 2016 Journey Into Podcast Writing Contest

Author Interviews

Joy on Paper with host Patzi Gil


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Bria Burton, Charles A. Cornell, and Ken Pelham 2.4.16

Bria Burton's First Solo Radio Interview 6.14.16

Bria Burton, John Hope, and Charles A. Cornell 8.8.17

Bria Burton, Cate Bronson, and Glenn L. Erickon 10.16.18 --LINK COMING SOON


Brass Rag Press blog with C.L. Roman

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Audio Production

Audio Production on the Journey Into... Podcast

Narrated, Produced, and Written by Bria Burton

Listen to an Excerpt by Clicking the Play Symbol Below

Audio Production on the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

Narrated, Produced, and Written by Bria Burton

(Note: one of many stories, mine begins at about 1 hour and 28 min. mark)

Fiction, Live!

Presented by Wordier Than Thou

The Studio@620

Actors read/performed selected stories

A short clilp from Broadway Actress Jan Neuberger

reading "Maribel's Day of Death" by Bria Burton

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