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Joy on Paper Writing Workshop

You're Invited

Click Here to Listen Live Thurs, 9/28/23 at 11 AM

Creativity, Fiction Writing, and How to Live a Better Story! This Writing Workshop is a special presentation of Joy on Paper airing live this Thursday, 9/28/23 at 11 AM EST.

I will be joining Patzi Gil, host of Joy on Paper, with guest author Allen Arnold. We’ll be talking about creativity and the Homeward Journey, an alternate model to the Hero’s Journey.

So whether you’re a fiction writer, or a non-fiction writer, or a reader who loves a story that awakens something inside of you, you’re invited, dear listener, to lean in and we’ll learn together.

Interview with Lou Diamond Phillips

Watch the REPLAY from 8/22/23

I'm back as the Joy on Paper guest host for a one-hour interview with Golden-Globe nominated actor Lou Diamond Phillips. If you haven't read his fantastic novel THE TINDERBOX: SOLDIER OF INDIRA, get your copy right away because you are going to love this book!

Guest Host at Joy on Paper on 6/27/23

Watch the REPLAY: Science Fiction-themed Radio Show

Let's talk about deep space, wormholes, AI, and intergalactic espionage!

Bria's Past Radio Shows at Joy on Paper as Guest Host

Oxford Exchange Book Fair 2023

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Humor with a Speculative Twist

Books Make Great Gifts! Send a copy to family and friends who love humor and science fiction/fantasy.

Be sure to get a copy for yourself. Because you deserve a laugh.

Humor Meets Science Fiction

An artificially intelligent avatar who can't wait to NOT do what she was programmed to do in...

Backlash \ Frontlash / Whiplash

by Bria Burton

featured in The Light Fantastic

Software developer Dora has created the world's most advanced artificial intelligence hologram called Aya. Intended to be an avatar who elevates the user in social media spheres, the testing phase proves that the proverbial off switch doesn't apply to genuine AI. 

My Facebook Avatar is self-aware, and I interviewed my robot vacuum

Because my story is about artificial intelligence, I decided to create an avatar on Facebook who would "become" self-aware and take over (all in fun--it's not a real thing...yet). I also interviewed my robot vacuum (see Youtube video below). And you can visit my FB page HERE.

"Read. Regain a sense of awe. Rekindle your wonder."

-Bria Burton

Novellas and Short Stories

Short Fiction

Looking for inspirational and heartwarming novellas? The Running Girls and Little Angel Helper will tug on your heartstrings.

More in the mood for family-friendly pet humor? Meet two lovable, furry friends in Lance & Ringo Tails.

Looking for historical science fiction set during the American Revolution? On Both Sides and Her Midnight Ride are companion pieces and quick reads.

If a classic retelling with a fantasy twist suits you, look no further than The Count of the Alician Apocalypse. For a speculative twist on classic art, you'll enjoy The Eyes of Mona Lisa.

More in the mood for science fiction with a romantic subplot? Check out AOB.

Visit Bria Burton's Amazon Author Page for more great short reads.

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