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Baby Burton Arrived 12/9/17
Luke Frederick Burton
In case you're wondering why there aren't any
book signings coming up, this is why!
I will be scheduling a few book signings in 2018.
Stay tuned.

Introducing Shayla Cole

I'm now writing my epic fantasy trilogy, Livinity, under a pen name: Shayla Cole.
For more details, visit www.shaylacole.com.

Upcoming Publications

"Journey Into the Dying Light of Stars" ~ Journey Into... podcast. Date TBD.
Author Interviews

Joy on Paper with host Patzi Gil
Listen to Bria's Radio Interview on 6.14.16
Listen to The Prometheus Saga Authors' Radio Interview (Bria Burton, Charles A. Cornell, and Ken Pelham) on 2.4.16
Click HERE to read
Bria's interview on the Brass Rag Press blog

Audio Production

Audio Production
on the Journey Into... Podcast
narrated, produced, and written by Bria Burton

Listen to an Excerpt
Reprinted in horror anthology


Audio Production
on the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine
narrated, produced, and written by Bria Burton
(Note: one of many stories, mine begins at about 1 hour and 28 min. mark)
Fiction, Live!
Fiction, Live! presented by Wordier Than Thou
The Studio@620
Actors read/performed selected stories
A short clilp from Broadway Actress Jan Neuberger
reading "Maribel's Day of Death" by Bria Burton

YouTube Video

Click HERE to view on Youtube


‘Alvarium’ is Latin for beehive. The Alvarium Experiment is a unique collaboration of  accomplished and award-winning authors reinventing the short fiction experience.

The Masters Reimagined
Print Edition
The third Alvarium Experiment project is a reimagining of classic literature with speculative fiction twists and turns.
Ten short stories complete this unique short fiction experience.
My story, The Count of the Alician Apocalypse, was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and The Count of Monte Cristo.
Return to Earth
Print Edition
The second Alvarium Experiment project
is now available as a single print anthology.
Ten short stories published individually
for a unique short fiction experience.

The Print Edition features

Visit the Website
The Prometheus Saga
Print Edition
After the success of the short fiction experience
(the publication of individual short stories
from each author in the Saga),
the Alvarium Experiment published a
print edition with all thirteen stories in one collection.

The Print Edition features

Visit the Website

Watch the Book Trailer
(Click HERE to view on Youtube)

YouTube Video

Signed Print Copies

Where to find signed copies of Bria Burton's print books

Miami Ave Book Nook ~ Lance & Ringo TailsLittle Angel Helper

Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique ~ Lance & Ringo Tails