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NOTE: Signed Autography ebooks are currently unavailable due to technical difficulties. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The Running Girls
Print & eBook Editions
Two girls with nothing in common except the 500-Mile Summer of '89 Challenge.
Clara is an average student and below-average athlete. With some inspiration from her cross country coach, Clara decides to take on a summer running challenge: complete 500 miles in three months. The problem? Her parents don't want her jogging all those miles alone, but Clara doesn't want to run with the girl they suggest. Joan is weird, and something seems to be mentally wrong with her. Except none of Clara's other friends run. Will she complete the challenge, or does being stuck with Joan mean she's destined to fail?

Little Angel Helper
Print & eBook Editions
"LITTLE ANGEL HELPER is a well-told, uplifting novella that readers looking for a truly inspirational, heartwarming story, are sure to love. The fact that Marie's character is inspired by the author's real-life sister is a bonus and adds authenticity to the work. I think those who read this book will learn much, and be uplifted and inspired.
Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Bradley Hunter lost his job, his rent's due, and he's up to here in gambling debt. His sister, Marie, shows up at the worst time, before he has a chance to call Paulina, the lady from her adult special needs program, and stop her from bringing Marie to New York. Now he has to tell her in person that he can't become Marie's legal guardian after all. Paulina, a "guide" at TACA (Topeka Action Center for Adults), loves her job as a helper for those with special needs. She cannot accept that Bradley would back out on his sister when she needs him most. With little time left, she'll do whatever it takes to convince Bradley to sign the guardianship papers.
This novella was inspired by my sister, Aunie, who has a lot in common with Marie, the special needs character in the story.

Pet Stories
Lance & Ringo Tails
Print & eBook Editions

Lance & Ringo Tails is a collection of ten short stories (“tails”) about the wild adventures of a dog and a cat as told by their human. Lance and Ringo also share their perspectives, granting a glimpse into what these two really think of each other and their humans.

The humorous short stories are based on my real pets and their real life wild adventures. Each fictionalized story follows Lance, an English springer spaniel, and Ringo, a long-haired domestic cat, as they learn to live together as brothers with their humans. Recommended for ages 10+, but animal lovers of all ages will enjoy the "tails."