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Coming Soon:
The Prometheus Saga 2
Her Midnight Ride
A companion story to On Both Sides

We've all heard of Paul Revere, but have you heard of Sybil Ludington? Her Midnight Ride is based on the less famous and equally important midnight ride of a sixteen-year-old young woman during the American Revolution.
For fans of the first volume of The Prometheus Saga, you'll enjoy revisiting the history of mankind as observed by an alien probe who looks human and makes an appearance in each of the thirteen stories in The Prometheus Saga 2. For more info visit the Website and Facebook Page.


The Running Girls
Print Edition

A feel-good, inspirational novelette about
two girls with nothing in common except
the 500-mile summer of '89 challenge.

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"A Dream Within A Dream"
featured on the Journey Into... podcast and In Shadows Written
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