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Bria Burton is an award-winning author who has also been a contest finalist.
Award-Winning Fiction

In 2016, Little Angel Helper won a Third Place
Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA)
in the Published Novella category.


In 2015, Sprinter won a First Place
Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA)
in the Unpublished Women's Fiction category.


In 2011, Livinity, won a First Place RPLA
in the Unpublished Fantasy category.
NOTE: I am now using the pen name Shayla Cole for Livinity.
The actual award has the name Bria Burton on it
because I did not have a pen name at the time.

Contest Finalist
2017 RPLA Finalist The Running Girls
Published Novella Category


2011 Able Muse Write Prize Semi-Finalist "Flying With Daddy"